During Berlin Fashion Week in February 2024, HUMAN TOUCH took their studio to street level — allowing the audience to step into the world of garment manufacturing and experience it within an artful fashion installation. The design team was on site, working on their first full collection centered around the unique paint-sewing technique. The week-long performative showcase was complemented with the opportunity to shop from the brand’s upcycling line HUMAN TOUCH remedy.

A big thank you goes out to our friends at Fashion Positions and to our lovely guests who made our brand launch feel so special.

Click through the photo gallery above for a view of our installation — images courtesy of Studio Mime.

Browse the images below for snap shots of the crowd at our brand launch evening — images courtesy of Paula Reschke and Clara Wenzel-Theiler for Fashion Positions.

This event was part of the Berlin Fashion Week calendar. To find out more about BFW click here. To find our press release click here

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